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Moving and Storing Household Items

When a family member passes away unexpectedly, there is not only grief but so much other stuff the family has to do. Hello, my name's Bernice. My mother-in-law passed away last year. Here we are a year later, and it's beginning to feel like we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. When it came to cleaning out Mom’s house, I had to put my organizational skills to work. My husband has three siblings, so furniture and belongings were going in four directions. There were some items we wanted to put in storage until our children were old enough to use them. I found a moving company that was willing to work with us. They worked to make sure the items were delivered to the locations we specified. I want to share more about this experience with you and hope you can take away some helpful information.


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3 Ways To Save On Moving Expenses For A Local Move

If you are getting ready to move locally, then you should hire summit van lines to make things easier on your family. Some people are hesitant to hire movers because of price. Hiring movers can be affordable and makes moving quicker. Here are three ways to make your move more affordable. 

Rent the Service for the Minimum Time

Many moving companies require you to rent their services for a certain amount of time per hour. According to Moving Labor, most moving companies require a two-hour minimum. Moving can get expensive for some people because of not sticking to the minimum timeframe.

If you go over the minimum time, then you are charged by the hour. Moving companies have to impose a minimum to make it cost-effective for their business. The billable hours usually don't start until the truck arrives at your house and ends when the move is complete.

Move as Much As You Can

If you want to keep your move within the minimum time frame, then you should move as much stuff as possible before the movers come. You should move everything that will fit inside of your car. It is going to take several trips, but will save you money in the long run.

This approach to moving allows you to set up your house as you transfer each load. It also allows for using fewer boxes. The main point is to only have large items left for your movers to move.

Save on Boxes

It helps to plan ahead when gathering boxes for your move. In the past, local stores were willing to give out free boxes, but now they only give out so many boxes. This means going to several stores asking for boxes. You can still save on buying boxes. Some companies sell used boxes, which are usually cheaper than new ones.

Another option is buying boxes from businesses that buy back boxes. You would get new boxes to use for packing. After you finish moving, you can sell the boxes back. This allows you to get back some of the money you spent to move into your new home.   

When moving large items, you need a vehicle large enough to support them. You do not want to have to spend more money replacing your valuables. Moving vehicles (such as those from Summit Van Lines) are big enough to transport small and large items. It helps to plan ahead and to use your time efficiently to save on moving.