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Moving and Storing Household Items

When a family member passes away unexpectedly, there is not only grief but so much other stuff the family has to do. Hello, my name's Bernice. My mother-in-law passed away last year. Here we are a year later, and it's beginning to feel like we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. When it came to cleaning out Mom’s house, I had to put my organizational skills to work. My husband has three siblings, so furniture and belongings were going in four directions. There were some items we wanted to put in storage until our children were old enough to use them. I found a moving company that was willing to work with us. They worked to make sure the items were delivered to the locations we specified. I want to share more about this experience with you and hope you can take away some helpful information.


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Three Keys To Improved Safety At A Storage Facility

As storage facilities beef up their security, thieves can think of new ways to bypass security. One creative way is to rent a unit at the facility that the thief wants to rob. The thief then can then bypass all the security meant to keep thieves out and have access to storage units. You can, however, take steps to deter even thieves who attack from the inside. 

Locker Placement

If you have the option, choose a locker that is in a well lit location in full view of a camera. Thieves do not want to risk getting caught, so they will attack darkly lit, less visible sections of a facility before they attack places where the lighting and camera coverage make it likely that they will get caught on tape. 

Individual Door Alarms

One way to turn away thieves who have bypassed exterior security measures is to look at a facility that fits every storage unit with its own alarm system. Authorized users will have a code to deactivate the alarm once they open doors, but because keys won't have this code, they will set off the alarm, which will then allow managers to send an appropriate response to the break in. 

Small-Shackle Locks

Besides looking for a facility with alarms on every locker's door, you can make yourself a hard target by purchasing a lock with a small shackle. This doesn't mean that you want to buy a lock that has a thin shackle because the thinner shackle will only make the lock easier to cut. Instead, you want to look for a lock that has a thick shackle as well as a lock that does not expose much of the shackle. If thieves can access enough of the shackle to cut it with their bolt cutters, then they will have to move on. 

Strategically Filling Your Locker

A final way to protect yourself is to present an unattractive sight to anyone who happens to break into your locker. For example, if thieves only see a tangle of worthless or low value items, they hopefully will not go digging deeper into your locker. 

Simply choosing a walled security facility with gated access and a full-time guard on duty is not necessarily the best way to keep your belongings safe. Rather than rely solely on the security facility to keep your locker safe, you should choose your locker strategically, carefully choose the lock you use, and load your locker with deception in mind. 

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